2 Additional Benefits of Window Tint

Window Tinting Films North CarolinaThere are many bonuses to tinting your vehicle’s windows, such as cooler interior temperatures during the summer and UV protection. The list of benefits does not stop there either. Discover some advantages to having window tint on your vehicle that you might not have thought of yet.

Privacy- When you are sitting at a stop light, it is common for people to look around, especially at the person sitting in the car next to them. If you do not like people looking into your vehicle, window tint can make it harder for someone to see you.

Theft Protection- Often, cars are broken into because the thief spots something valuable in the vehicle. Common things stolen from cars are phone chargers, a GPS, shopping bags, or expensive sunglasses because these items are visible when walking by the car. When your windows are tinted, it makes it harder for people to see the things in your car.

The list of benefits for window tint is endless. Everyone at Raleigh Window Tinting wants you and your belongings to stay safe, so we recommend tinting your car windows. If you would like additional information about window tinting films in North Carolina, you can call us at (919) 875-1600 right now.

History of Window Tint

Window Tint in Durham NCHere at Raleigh Window Tinting, we have a variety of different types of tint to choose from for your vehicle. Depending on your specific reason for tinting your windows on a car or truck, we can recommend the right type for you. However, window tint has come a long way since it was first invented. Take a look at the history of window tint to discover just how far window films for vehicles have come.

1966-Window tint for vehicles was invented in 1966. However, this tint was dye-based which caused heat to be absorbed and the car to become hot inside. The quality was not as high as it is today, so the tint would fade and bubble very quickly.

Present Day- Ceramic films are the latest development in the window tinting industry. These films reflect the majority of the heat instead of absorbing it. Also, window films can reduce the sun’s glare and block UV rays from reaching your skin while you are in the car.

If you are looking for a place that does window tint in Durham, NC, you can rely on Raleigh Window Tinting. We have a variety of 3M window tint, so you can select the right percentage and type for your vehicle. To inquire more about our products, call us at (919) 875-1600 today.

Myths about Automotive Window Tinting

window tinting Raleigh NCIf you’ve been searching for the right provider of window tinting in Raleigh, NC, you may have stumbled upon some misconceptions about window tint that have left you both curious and confused. Before investing in the installation of window tint for your vehicle, it’s important to understand what this product can (and cannot) do for your car.

Myth I: Window Tint is Entirely Cosmetic
While window tint can certainly improve the aesthetics of your car, it has much more than strictly cosmetic benefits. Window tint can reduce glare, protect your interior, and even regulate its temperature during hot summer months.

Myth II: Window Tint Strengthens Glass
Window tint products do not strengthen the integrity of the glass. However, they make windows harder to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact, thus reducing the potential of injury from flying glass. They also prevent glass breakage motivated by theft, as it limits a potential thief from spotting valuables inside your car.

Myth III: Window Tint Is a Waste of Money/Too Expensive
If you have seen cars in your neighborhood with bubbling tinting, it’s important to remember that these products were likely not installed properly or professionally. While window tint can fade over many years, effective tinting that has been installed properly should last up to 20 years – probably longer than you will have your current car. Also, while service prices will vary depending on the tinting product you choose and the company that installs it, most will agree that the protection it provides you and your car’s interior is well worth the investment.

Window Tint and the Benefits of Professional Installation

window tinting films North CarolinaIn a previous post, we discussed the benefits of tinted car windows. If you’re considering adding tint to the windows of your vehicle, you may also be considering doing the job yourself to avoid labor costs – But before doing so, you should first review the following benefits of having your new tint installed by a professional.
Proper Installation
Most window tinting films in North Carolina include guarantees about longevity and quality, but it’s important to note that they will only apply if the tint is installed professionally. In fact, some companies will only allow their tinting products to be installed by professionals for this reason.

Saving Money
You may initially consider adding tint to your own vehicle as the less-expensive option. However, many vehicle owners who attempt to do so end up having to redo the job, as they have not been trained on proper procedures. This resulting cost of additional materials and wasted film can easily become higher than the cost of having the job completed by a professional in the first place.

Abiding by State Laws & Regulations
Every state has specific regulations regarding window tint (the permitted colors, window clarity levels, etc.) If you choose to apply your own window tint, it’s important to research these laws beforehand. When you choose to have the job done by a professional such as Raleigh Window Tinting, you can rest assured that the process will be performed in line with current laws and regulations (thus avoiding tickets or fines).

Reduce Glare from Vehicles Behind You at Night

3M Automotive Window Films NCIf you drive a vehicle that sits lower to the ground such as a sports car or any other type of car, then you have probably experienced the blinding headlight glare from the vehicle behind you at night. Whether the vehicle behind you is too close or they simply sit up higher than your vehicle does, the light can hit your mirrors just right and there is nothing you can do about it expect squint. At Raleigh Window Tinting, your squinting days are over when you let us apply window tint to your vehicle’s window. With proper window tint, you will no longer be blinded by someone else’s headlights at night.

Now is the time to focus your attention back on what is in front of you rather than paying attention to the vehicle behind you. There are many dangers when driving at night such as animals wandering into the middle of the road or falling asleep at the wheel. You should not have to worry about being blinded from behind. If you are looking for 3M automotive window films in NC, turn to Raleigh Window Tinting. Give our shop a call at (919) 875-1600 to schedule a window tinting appointment for your car right now.

3 Ways Window Tint Will Benefit Your Family

Window Tinting Films North CarolinaAs a parent, you are tasked with the responsibility of protecting your children. You want to protect them from anything that can hurt them. Did you know window tint on your vehicle can help keep your little ones safe from the sun and in the event you are involved in a car accident? Listed below are three reasons why tinting your family’s vehicle will benefit the entire family.

Glass Shattering- If you are in a car accident and the window does break, the tint will hold together the pieces. Without window tint, your children could be covered in glass if you are involved in an accident.

Blocks UV Rays- Your vehicle’s windows block the UVB rays which cause sunburns. However, they don’t block UVA rays. UVA rays contribute to skin damage. Our 3M window tint has an SPF rating of 300+, so you can feel confident you are protecting your family.

Blocks the Sun’s Glare- If you have young children or infants in a car seat, they are unable to move their head when the sun is shining in their eyes through the window.

When you need window tinting films in North Carolina, trust Raleigh Window Tinting. Protect your family by contacting our team of professionals at (919) 875-1600 to schedule an appointment. We will work with your schedule to fit your vehicle in.

3 Benefits of Window Tint

Window Tinting Raleigh NCAre you on the fence about tinting the windows on your vehicle? Whether you drive a minivan, truck, or sedan, you and your family can benefit from tinting your vehicle’s windows. From reducing temperatures to protecting the upholstery, you will notice a difference right away. Discover how you can benefit by simply tinting your car’s windows below.

Lower Temperatures- Have you ever opened your car door and it felt like you were opening an oven instead? This heat wave is especially common in the summer. Most people have even experienced the burn when you sit on a hot seat or touch the steering wheel. Keep the inside of your vehicle cooler with window tint.

Reduce Glare- Everywhere you look there are glares coming from the sun, other vehicles, and even your own hood. By tinting your windows you are able to reduce the intensity of the glare, so you can drive safely.

Protect Your Interior- The powerful UV rays can fade your interior if you do not have window tint. Window tint reduces the amount of rays coming through the windows, so the upholstery will not fade as quickly. Not only does it protect your seats from UV rays, but it will also protect you from the sun’s rays while you are in the car.

When you are looking for window tinting in Raleigh, NC, you can trust us for both adhesive and film technologies. Request an estimate for your vehicle by calling us at (919) 875-1600 today.