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The Problem with Your Beloved Windows

Tired of squinting into the sun during your morning commute? Do you want to avoid UV damage to your floors or skin? Or are you looking to make your office a more comfortable environment for your employees? We spend far too many hours in our cars, homes, and workplaces to feel uncomfortable or unsafe in these spaces.


Choosing the Right Window Film Installer

Whether you’re tired of squinting into the sun on your morning commute, wanting to avoid refinishing your floors from UV damage every few years, or looking to improve the comfort of your employees, Raleigh Window Tinting offers a solution. As a 3M-Authorized Window Film Dealer, we aim to educate our customers on their window film options. This consultative approach equips you with the insight to select the product that best meets your needs and budget.

Raleigh Window Tinting is a member of 3M's Prestige Dealer Network, signifying our commitment to professional training, superior installations and service, and the highest quality window film products. After 26 years of experience in the window tinting industry, we understand the importance of exceeding expectations to keep you coming back with each new car, home, or business in the coming years.

Our Window Film Solutions

Our 3M window films resolve the following common problems:

Heat gain and hotspots during warm weather
Heat loss during cold weather
Excessive solar glare
High energy bills resulting from inefficient windows
Safety and security concerns
Inadequate privacy
Graffiti mitigation
Skin damage resulting from UV exposure
Fading of fabrics, floors, furniture & artwork

Explore Solutions

Temperature Control

3M Insulating Window Films improve comfort and efficiency while reducing energy costs.

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Safety & Security

3M Security Window Films protect property and keep occupants safe in the event of crime or severe weather.

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3M Privacy Window Films conceal interiors from outside view without sacrificing natural light.

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3M Decorative Window Films can be used to enhance interior design, add custom branding to your space, or promote privacy.

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UV Protection

3M Window Films block UV rays to protect your skin and reduce fading of furniture, flooring, and artwork.

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Automotive Solutions

3M Automotive Films block heat, glare, and UV rays while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.

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Explore Applications

These window films are designed for specific applications, including residential, commercial, and automotive. This application-specific design ensures that the product you select will perform optimally for your intended use - for years to come.

Residential Window Tinting

Enhance the comfort and safety of your home with window film.

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Commercial Window Tinting

Make your office a more pleasant and welcoming space for visitors and employees

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Automotive Window Tinting

Prevent stifling interior temperatures and seat wear.

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See what some of our customers have to say about our window tinting services. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Come visit Raleigh Window Tinting today to learn what we're all about!

Joe Murtagh

Google Review
Scott and his crew have been tinting my new vehicles for over 18 yrs. I have never had a bad experience. I would not take my vehicles anywhere else.

Randy Barham

Google Review
Had my Subaru Forester windows tinted with 3M tint. Reduced the heat and UV rays, which is important for me as skin cancer patient. Great service. Out of having two previous autos tinted at other establishments, Raleigh WIndow Tinting was the best and most reasonable in their pricing. 45 minutes and done. Very courteous people and very professional.

Scott Thomas

Google Review
Hands down the best tint shop in NC. If you want your vehicle looking good, you should check out Raleigh Window Tinting!

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