Which car window tint blocks the most heat?

In by Scott Buchanan

3M Automotive Window Films provide excellent heat-blocking abilities, keeping the inside of your vehicle cool for a comfortable driving experience. If you’re looking for the tint product that blocks the most heat, we recommend 3M Crystalline Series. This automotive film is made up of 200 microlayers of nano-technology and features a profile thinner than a Post-It Note. This cutting edge technology means that the film can be optically clear and yet block more heat than a darker tinted film. The light tint Crystalline rejects up to 60% of solar energy and up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays for ultimate heat rejection. Crystalline automotive films also block up to 99% of UV light, providing a total SPF of 1000 to protect against skin damage.

If blocking heat is not your only concern, 3M car tinting films also help increase privacy, block UV rays to protect your skin and vehicle interior, promote security to protect your valuables, reduce glare for better visibility on the road, and come in a variety of tint levels for optimal style.