What is security window film and how does security film work?

In by Raleigh Window Tinting

3M Safety and Security Window Films are designed to protect homes and businesses from a variety of threats, ranging from natural disasters to armed intruders. It’s important to note that security films are not bulletproof. These flexible, microlayer films are designed to stretch rather than tear on impact. This technology helps hold broken glass together in a solid sheet rather than splintering into dozens of tiny fragments. 

When combined with an Impact Protection Attachment (IPA) System, 3M safety and security window films enhance occupant safety by reducing the risk of injury caused by broken glass, and bolster security by keeping the window pane intact and secured in the frame. During the event of a break in, the security film will delay an intruder’s attempted entry, perhaps discouraging them altogether, and will buy time for occupants and emergency personnel to respond.