How is 3M Window Film applied?

In by Raleigh Window Tinting

3M window films are professionally applied by skilled, authorized 3M Dealers. Almost all of our films are designed to be applied to the inside of your glass, though there are 3M films designed for exterior application.

The first step is to prepare the window area for the application; placing drop cloths on the floor protecting and/or moving furniture where necessary.

Next, the window glass is cleaned using simple cleaning solutions (often water and ammonia) and razor blade scrapers. Then the film is sprayed with a slip solution (detergent and water) for proper positioning, and applied to the window glass. Using a professional-grade squeegee and following proper techniques, the application is completed by removing excess water, trimming the edges, and a final squeegee technique to dry the edges.

Please note that for optimal performance, appearance, and longevity, window film should always be installed by a professional. 3M Authorized Dealers undergo training to ensure a clean, seamless installation for every client.