UV Protection

Defend Against Harmful Ultraviolet Rays with UV Window Film

Sunlight contains a number of different wavelengths of light, including infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet, or UV, light has been shown to increase the risk of skin cancer and is the primary cause of fading in furniture, flooring, and artwork. Protect your skin and your furnishings against the harmful effects of solar radiation with a UV blocking window film. 3M window films offer superior UV protection, blocking up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light.

Benefits of Investing in Solar Window Film

Protect Your Skin

While the sun may feel good as it warms your skin, it’s no secret that exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause premature aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and even cancer. What you may not know is that your skin is being exposed to the sun’s UV rays even when you’re indoors. Traditional windows in your home, office and car block most UVB rays but UVA rays are able to pass through the glass. Installing a UV window film helps to block UVA rays as well, keeping your skin shielded from the sun’s cancer-causing radiation. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation has awarded 3M window films with their Seal of Recommendation, a sign that these solar films block at least 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation to keep you shielded from the sun. Enjoy the sun safely with UV blocking window film.

3M Window Films have been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation for their UV blocking properties

Reduce Fading

If you’ve ever moved a rug from its position on hardwood floors, you may have noticed that the wood that was underneath the rug is a darker color than the exposed wood. This fading effect is caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays over time. Though traditional windows block most of the sun’s UVB light, UVA light can pass through glass undeterred, wreaking havoc on your floors, furniture, and decor. You can protect your investments and extend the life of your furnishings with a UV window film. Just as they protect your skin from the sun, these solar window films also shield and preserve your hardwood floors, rugs, furniture, artwork, and other surfaces that see the sun’s light. Let in the good parts of the sun’s light and leave out the rest by installing a UV blocking window film.

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