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Myths about Automotive Window Tinting

window tinting Raleigh NCIf you’ve been searching for the right provider of window tinting in Raleigh, NC, you may have stumbled upon some misconceptions about window tint that have left you both curious and confused. Before investing in the installation of window tint for your vehicle, it’s important to understand what this product can (and cannot) do for your car.

Myth I: Window Tint is Entirely Cosmetic
While window tint can certainly improve the aesthetics of your car, it has much more than strictly cosmetic benefits. Window tint can reduce glare, protect your interior, and even regulate its temperature during hot summer months.

Myth II: Window Tint Strengthens Glass
Window tint products do not strengthen the integrity of the glass. However, they make windows harder to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact, thus reducing the potential of injury from flying glass. They also prevent glass breakage motivated by theft, as it limits a potential thief from spotting valuables inside your car.

Myth III: Window Tint Is a Waste of Money/Too Expensive
If you have seen cars in your neighborhood with bubbling tinting, it’s important to remember that these products were likely not installed properly or professionally. While window tint can fade over many years, effective tinting that has been installed properly should last up to 20 years – probably longer than you will have your current car. Also, while service prices will vary depending on the tinting product you choose and the company that installs it, most will agree that the protection it provides you and your car’s interior is well worth the investment.

3 Benefits of Window Tint

Window Tinting Raleigh NCAre you on the fence about tinting the windows on your vehicle? Whether you drive a minivan, truck, or sedan, you and your family can benefit from tinting your vehicle’s windows. From reducing temperatures to protecting the upholstery, you will notice a difference right away. Discover how you can benefit by simply tinting your car’s windows below.

Lower Temperatures- Have you ever opened your car door and it felt like you were opening an oven instead? This heat wave is especially common in the summer. Most people have even experienced the burn when you sit on a hot seat or touch the steering wheel. Keep the inside of your vehicle cooler with window tint.

Reduce Glare- Everywhere you look there are glares coming from the sun, other vehicles, and even your own hood. By tinting your windows you are able to reduce the intensity of the glare, so you can drive safely.

Protect Your Interior- The powerful UV rays can fade your interior if you do not have window tint. Window tint reduces the amount of rays coming through the windows, so the upholstery will not fade as quickly. Not only does it protect your seats from UV rays, but it will also protect you from the sun’s rays while you are in the car.

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