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History of Window Tint

Window Tint in Durham NCHere at Raleigh Window Tinting, we have a variety of different types of tint to choose from for your vehicle. Depending on your specific reason for tinting your windows on a car or truck, we can recommend the right type for you. However, window tint has come a long way since it was first invented. Take a look at the history of window tint to discover just how far window films for vehicles have come.

1966-Window tint for vehicles was invented in 1966. However, this tint was dye-based which caused heat to be absorbed and the car to become hot inside. The quality was not as high as it is today, so the tint would fade and bubble very quickly.

Present Day- Ceramic films are the latest development in the window tinting industry. These films reflect the majority of the heat instead of absorbing it. Also, window films can reduce the sun’s glare and block UV rays from reaching your skin while you are in the car.

If you are looking for a place that does window tint in Durham, NC, you can rely on Raleigh Window Tinting. We have a variety of 3M window tint, so you can select the right percentage and type for your vehicle. To inquire more about our products, call us at (919) 875-1600 today.