Safety & Security

Protect Occupants and Property with Security Window Film

Prepare your home or business for the unexpected. Install a security window film to protect your building and everything in it from a variety of threats, from natural disasters to would-be intruders.

Benefits of Investing in Protective Window Film

Security Enhancement

Windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of the building envelope. That’s why when an intruder tries to enter a building, the windows are often the first thing targeted. Reinforce your existing windows by applying a security film. These protective window films are designed to stretch rather than tear, so they hold glass together in a solid sheet even if the window is broken. This makes it more difficult and time consuming for an intruder to gain entry, buying occupants time to get to safety and giving law enforcement time to arrive.

Occupant Safety

When heavy winds, severe storms, or hurricanes rip through the area, they can leave broken tree limbs, downed power lines, and destruction in their wake. Protect occupants against the hazards of broken glass with safety and security window film. If something strikes a window with this protective window film installed, the glass may break but it will hold together rather than shattering into dozens of pieces. This reduces the risk of injury as well as further damage to property inside the building.

Graffiti Mitigation

For businesses with storefronts or ground-floor windows, graffiti removal can be an expensive and often unforeseen expense. In fact, the estimated annual cost of graffiti removal in the United States was estimated at $12 billion according to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice. Anti-graffiti window film reduces the burden and the expense of graffiti removal. Simply remove the vandalized film to reveal the fresh, unblemished glass underneath. An additional benefit of anti-graffiti film is that your building can be quickly restored to its original appearance, allowing you to return to business as usual.

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