Crystalline | Window Tinting Raleigh in NC

Are you tired of opening your car door and getting hit with a heat wave or burning your hands on the seatbelt buckle? By adding window tint to your vehicle you can reduce the amount of heat entering your windows and increase the overall appearance of your vehicle. You will enjoy a premium look with superior clarity. We have a wide array of window tinting films in North Carolina.

3M Crystalline window films are designed to reduce the amount of heat coming through your windows. There are two primary sources of heat including infrared light and visible light. The Crystalline window film can discard up to 97% of infrared light simultaneously blocking up to 60% of heat from entering through your vehicle’s windows. With all this heat blocking technology you might think the 3M automotive window films in NC would have to be extremely dark, but Crystalline films permit up to 90% of light into the vehicle.


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